Ethiopian Jews Arrive Home

Hear the stories from the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv as Ethiopian Jews come home!

After many years of waiting, Ethiopian Jews are now being reunited with their families in Israel. The ICEJ had the amazing privilege of not only sponsoring the whole flight, but also welcoming them home.

You can be a part of this modern day miracle...

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We love the people of Israel. At the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, we show our love through social assistance projects that help build a stronger Israel. We call this work ICEJ Aid.

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Establishing Ethiopian Jews in their Homeland

After some 2700 years of dreaming about returning to their homeland, an ancient tribe of Israel is finally coming home! But after arriving in Israel, there are many challenges awaiting Ethiopian Jews.

Hear the remarkable stories of Takele, Sigal and Misganaw, Ethiopian Jews who made Aliyah and are now working fervently to help their people integrate into Israeli society.

The ICEJ has the privilege of assisting Ethiopian Jews with their absorption process.

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French Jews Come Home

Just like Isaiah foretold, God is gathering His people from the West and bringing them home.

We recently had the privilege of being a sponsor of Aliyah flights from Paris, France.

Because of your support, 211 French Jews were able to come back home!

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Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors

For the Holocaust Survivors who reside at the Haifa Home, it's more than a building or a shelter. This is home for them. This is their family.

Watch as Dr. Juergen Buehler shares the miraculous story of how the ICEJ Home for Holocaust Survivors became a reality.

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Bring Ethiopian Jews Home

After the Jews were exiled from the Land of Israel and dispersed among the nations, within them remained a dream that by next year they wouldl be in Jerusalem. The term used for describing this return to Jerusalem is called “Aliyah.”

Meet Oshra, a Jewish woman born in Ethiopia who immigrated to Israel during "Operation Moses." Hear her fascinating story as she shares her experience of making Aliyah.

Make this dream of returning to Jerusalem become a reality for other Ethiopian Jews.

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Give a Happy Passover

We believe the holidays should be a time of plenty for all, but many suffer from serious lack. We want to make sure that again this year, as many families as possible can celebrate Passover with joy and gratefulness to God!

Partner with the ICEJ and help Jewish families celebrate Passover this year as commanded in the Bible!  


A Day in The South

When Hamas recently launched its third rocket war against Israel in the past six years, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem sprang into action over the ensuing weeks to assist the weaker segments of society in the hard-hit areas of southern Israel.

Thanks to the generosity of Christians worldwide, the ICEJ has been bringing timely and tangible relief to Israelis under fire.

We ask that you consider giving to our “Israel in Crisis Fund” so we can continue assisting those communities most impacted by the recent conflict. 

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