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Beate's Story

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"We have the privilege to behold the people of God today," testified Beate Gerlach. These were Beate's words during Passover, as she and her husband volunteered their time to serve Holocaust survivors living at the ICEJ Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors. 

Beate was not only able to discover the land and people of Israel, but she was also able to serve and personally connect with Holocaust survivors. Just like Beate and her husband, several people have come to serve at the Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors and not only made an impact in the lives of the survivors, but they themselves were deeply impacted. In turn, the people went back to their home countries as ambassadors for Israel and the Jewish people.

The Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors is such a special and unique home that provides excellent care, strong community, meals, and much more for these precious Jewish people that endured through such horrors of the Holocaust.

Come and serve at the Haifa Home or send your best gift today!


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