Fighting Fires & Securing the Future!

Christian Firefighter Equipping Israelis for Summer Fire Attacks!

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Help Israelis fight these fire attacks today.

Fire balloons and kites are continually raining down on Israeli fields in the south of Israel. Gaza knows that the summer months are the hottest and driest months that will make the fires spread more rapidly and destroy more of Israel's land. But, God is protecting the land of Israel and equipping Israelis with the tools and wisdom they need to protect their people and land. 

Timothy Wainwright, a professional Firefighter from Australia, was sponsored by ICEJ Australia to come to Israel to train and equip Israelis in the south how to safely and efficiently extinguish fires. He trained many heads of security as well as the youth at Kfar Silver school. In addition, ICEJ-donated fire trucks, ATVs, and fire safety equipment have been used to extinguish many fires and protect the Land.

Watch this video to see the damage that these attacks of incendiary balloons from Gaza are causing on the land of Israel, but also the amazing ways that God is equipping and protecting the people of Israel!


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