Saving Lives at Kibbutz Alumim

Part Two

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Kibbutz Alumim is one of the closest kibbutzim to the Gaza border, which means they and all of the nearby communities are susceptible to great dangers of rocket, mortar, and fire attacks. They have to constantly be aware of their surroundings, and know what to do if an attack were to hit at any moment. 

The ICEJ has partnered with other Israelis to help save lives in the communities in the south of Israel. Several ways the ICEJ and Christians around the world have stood with the Jewish people in their time of crisis is through providing fire fighting trailers, ATV's, and bomb shelters. God has used these practical machines and shelters to save many lives and livelihoods. Thank YOU for being a part of protecting many lives and communities here in Israel!

Watch this video to see the damage caused to the people and land of Israel from these horrific attacks from Gaza, and yet at the same time see the incredible ways God is saving and protecting His people!

Help Israeli communities in crisis today! 


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